Roxell expanding range of feeder pans

The manufacturer of automated feeding, drinking, nesting and heating systems, is expanding its range of MiniMax feeder pans. Roxell’s round feeder pan for broilers is now modular, which means there are four different versions of the MiniMax.

Producers can determine which pan is the best depending on the end weight of the broilers, the type of floor the pan will be used on, and the age at which the producers would like chicks to stop stepping into the pan to eat.

The MiniMax feeder pans have a stepped bottom pan with a special anti-waste edge. Both features improve the chickens’ feed intake and prevent spillage because feed cannot fall over the edge of the pan. The wings in the pan mark out a pecking zone, which means each broiler will eat out of its own compartment and cannot eat selectively. Each animal therefore receives the correct composition of feed to ensure consistent growth in the group. 

The feed flow occurs according to a 360° principle, meaning that the pan fills consistently and evenly across the entire surface area.

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