Dutch consumers are expanding their chicken-meat range

Dutch consumers are showing signs of expanding their range of chicken-meat choices, moving away from their traditional 65% focus on breast meat towards other items, such a chicken thighs.

The move has been applauded by Dutch producers and retailers alike, with NEPLUVI, the Dutch Association of Chicken Producing Companies, commenting that the development is “very positive”, especially from a sustainability perspective.

Pointing out that a 65% market share for breast-meat requires the industry to export other chicken parts while importing chicken fillets from countries such as Brazil and Thailand, NEPLUVI has welcomed the current shift in tastes and, along with the country’s supermarkets, is encouraging consumers to keep the new trend moving.

NEPLUVI, which exists largely to promote the interests of the Dutch poultry processing industry, represents 55 member business, who between them account for about 90% of all poultry meat sales in the Netherlands. The association’s membership companies generate a combined annual business income of approximately €2 billion (£1.7bn).

Headline image is taken from NEPLUVI’s innovation site – kipinnederland.nl

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