MSD Animal Health UK unveils breakthrough poultry vaccine

Poultry producers across the UK are set to benefit from a new vaccine launched to tackle three of the most infectious diseases facing the industry.

MSD Animal Health UK has announced that the INNOVAX-ND-ILT vaccine is now available to customers.

Among some of the most commercially disruptive flock diseases, Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT), Newcastle disease (ND) and Marek’s disease (MD), are highly transmissible and affect the nervous, respiratory, immune and reproductive systems in poultry.

Historically, a combination of vaccines was needed to protect against these diseases.

Katie Pitman, technical veterinary adviser at MSD Animal Health UK, said: “The new vaccine is the first to provide long-term protection against three of the most infectious poultry diseases in a single vaccination.”

INNOVAX-ND-ILT is a dual HVT construct vaccine that can be administered either in-ovo or subcutaneously at the hatchery.

Ms Pitman continued: “This new vaccine offers the convenience of a single immunisation to improve flock immunity and minimise operational disruption, without the risk of reversion to virulence or interference with other respiratory vaccines.

“More efficient disease control can improve flock health. The addition of this new vaccine to the INNOVAX range will enable producers to pick the most appropriate option for their system and create space in busy on-farm vaccination schedules.”

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