New nitrogen-based cull method for laying hens

Gas separation specialist Oxair has launched a nitrogen-based system which gives egg-laying poultry a distress-free send-off at end of life.

As the price for layer-meat has reduced significantly in recent years, the outlay involved in shipping spent layers off to poultry processing plants has made this option commercially unviable for many poultry farmers.

The commonly preferred method, gassing with carbon dioxide, can cause distress to poultry. Oxair’s Anoxiatec equipment guides poultry into a controlled nitrogen environment, into which nitrogen is injected. The birds are gradually put to sleep within two to three minutes and at no time regain consciousness or experience distress.

Similar methods using nitrogen have previously been trialled; however Oxair’s enclosed system ensures no danger to the operator and no risk that the birds may regain consciousness or fight the procedure. 


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