Multiple boots for feed bins

Two multiple boots for installation underneath feed bins have been launched by Roxell. These multiple boots have been developed for producers who need to transport large amounts of feed to different day bins, weighing systems, or simply for different outlets on the farm.

Tests have also shown that the system works well on units that are equipped with multiple weigher-mixers. And units that have high bio-security standards and use overhead systems will also benefit from the multiple boot system, according to the company.

Two version of the multiple boots have been developed, offering either three or four positions to connect a feed transport system auger. Both versions offer a capacity of up to 10 tonnes per hour.

They boots are also suitable for a range of feeding systems, including: units that adopt home-mill-and-mix feeding and those that use phase feeding or use overhead systems to improve biosecurity.

Both models are supplied with a shut-off slide for the silo and have a door on two sides for easy inspection.

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