Air handling units offer improved efficiency

A range of air handling units has been launched to improve the energy efficiency of packaged plant rooms.

The AirTech systems, from EmTech, are designed to support the company’s EnviroTech range are are available in a variety of configurations.

“Whatever type of incubator is in use, it will only achieve its maximum potential when it is operating in a stable, consistent environment,” said the company’s Ken Baker. “Achieving this has been a perpetual headache for professionals worldwide. And we think that this system offers a solution.”

Key features include multiple direct-drive fans, for redundancy and reduced maintenance. “These match the demand for ventilation based on the needs and requirements of the incubators with EmTech variable volume control,” explained Baker.

The systems are also configurable for dehumidification, in hot humid climates, and heating, for colder locations. And their modular design means that they are built to be positioned outside, saving valuable building space.

They are also set up for minimal operator intervention, with automatic alarms for faults, and they also have highly efficient EFF1 motors to reduce operational costs and uses a primary heat recovery (PHR) system to minimise energy usage. Heating options include the PHR, gas, water and electric.

The systems can also be integrated into existing hatcheries, on both indoor and outdoor units. And whether it’s an indoor or outdoor unit. And they can be supplied in flat pack format for existing hatcheries, where access is difficult.

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