Seventeen cases of infectious laryngotracheitis confirmed in Northern Ireland

Seventeen cases of infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) have been confirmed in poultry flocks Northern Ireland with 250,000 birds affected.

ILT affects poultry, causing severe respiratory problems, increased mortality and production loss. Since May, Daera has received 17 reported cases of the disease, a spokeswoman told Poultry Business.

Poultry keepers have ben urged to be vigilant and maintain excellent biosecurity standards.

“Excellent biosecurity measures are absolutely vital in reducing the risk of  ILT spread. Litter has been identified as a key risk factor in infection spread, we are urging industry to keep litter trailers covered and store litter for as long as practically possible before spreading it..

“Whilst it is a notifiable disease in Northern Ireland, DAERA considers it a production disease and therefore no restrictions or actions at flock level are being carried out. The Department will continue to provide support to the poultry industry by providing practical advice through the various communication channels.

“Biosecurity advice is available on the DAERA webpage and for immediate disease text notifications please sign up to DAERA text alert service – text “BIRDS” to 67300

“ILT cannot pass from poultry to human – there are no implications for food safety or human health.” 

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