Reducing antibiotics given priority attention at Berlin event

The need to focus on how to significantly reduce the use of antibiotics in poultry production was the headline issue addressed by Cobb Europe during its recent technical round table event held in Berlin.

“Customers want an antibiotic-free world and we as a poultry industry want to help,” said the company’s director of quality assurance, John Vincent, addressing an audience of sales and technical managers from all over Europe (pictured above).

The meeting was also used to examine the performance of broilers originating from Cobb Europe’s new breeding programme, located at the Herveld research complex in the Netherlands.

“The data from our customers today is very encouraging,” said Cobb Germany director, James Truscott, adding that this demonstrated the value of all the efforts made by the company in relation to broiler development for the European market.

“We are proud of being part of this development and are looking forward to further progress.”

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