New Marel processing equipment launched

A huge array of new equipment and machinery for the poultry industry will be launched today, as poultry companies from all over the world meet at the start of the IPPE exhibition, which this year is being held in Atlanta, USA.

Among the exhibitors is Marel Poultry, which is launching several new machines for processors. 

In-line with the growing popularity of de-boned thigh meat, Marel has created and will unveil what it says is the world’s first inline high-capacity thigh filleting solution. “This solution will carefully separate the meat from the bone, to maintain the high retail standards, yet the knee cap is removed accurately, negating the need for manual trimming,” said the firm

Marel Poultry is also launching the CAS SmoothFlow. This solution is a new method to make use of a controlled environment to stun animals in the most humane way, while securing the highest quality meat. “The multiphase CAS SmoothFlow complies with all legislation, including those of the USDA,” said Marel in a statement. 

The final machine being launched by Marel is the new ACM-EH cut-up system. The specifically designed EH (Easy Hanging) product carriers facilitate hang-in considerably. At the same time they are reliable, stable and require only low maintenance. 

The IPPE 2017 show is on between 31 January – 2 February.

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