ForFarmers launches new broiler feed range.

ForFarmers is introducing a new broiler feed brand, Apollo, to broiler producers in the UK and North West Europe on 1 May. The new feed range aims to support both the growth and health of the modern broiler bird whilst helping the broiler producer in being as profitable as possible.

ForFarmers will be introducing Apollo following commercial trials across North West Europe.

The extensive Apollo trials throughout the Netherlands, Germany and the UK have demonstrated the effectiveness of the new Apollo Broiler feed range. Results have shown lower feed conversion ratio, faster growth and lower mortality.

Side by side trials led by ForFarmers Broiler Specialists saw 3.8% increase in average body weights and a 2.2% reduction in FCR. Along with an average of 30% reduction in mortality over all of the trials, the formulation of the new diets shows Apollo is centred on delivering results and supporting the profitability and productivity of the farmer.

Along with the commercial results, the new diet range comes with refined feeding programmes and a new Prestarter diet.

In the first 100 hours, it is key that the broiler chick has the nutrient support to optimise its early health and growth. The new Prestarter diet contains rich sources of easily digestible energy and protein to offer readily available energy for the chick. The diet contains a specifically balanced ratio of Phosphorous and Calcium recognising that on hatching, the chick has a marginal phosphorus status but is relatively saturated with calcium. This new diet offers three key deliverables to the bird; it will help with the regulation of the body temperature in the day old chick, it offers a nutrient supply to support the fast changes in body composition and growth, and it helps in the development of the stomach and gut.

The Apollo programme feed changes are developed around key vaccination periods, which delivers a feed programme that reduces bird stress throughout its lifetime, increasing daily growth and increasing profitability on farm. By introducing the Apollo Grower diet at day 10 and feeding to day 24, key vaccination points and additional stress to the bird is avoided.

A healthy gastrointestinal flora, strong skeletal structure and dry litter continue to be the focus of APOLLO. These factors provide the foundation for achieving high end weights with lower losses, reduced mortality and rejections, and improved feed conversion ratio.

Joost Sparla, ForFarmers Marketing and Technical Director Poultry said: “Apollo not only demonstrates the effectiveness of solid nutrition, but also shows refining the programme and giving the bird the best start is essential for healthy growth and achieving the best results.

Apollo Prestarter and the ForFarmers recommended diet changes is effective in reducing the birds stress and protecting the bird against disease. This not only ensures dry litter and healthy feet of the birds, but also promotes a healthy and profitable business for the broiler producer.”


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