Massive global buzz celebrates World Egg Day

Today marks the 21st birthday of World Egg Day (WED), with a wide range of festivals, activities, charitable events and regional campaigns taking place all over the world.

Backed by the World Egg Organisation (WEO), the event is being promoted as the “perfect platform” for communicating the numerous benefits of eggs to a worldwide audience.

“Eggs can make a crucial contribution to our diet on an individual level, and can also help to fulfil the protein requirements of the global community,” said WEO director general, Julian Madeley.

“In both developed and developing populations, a high quality source of protein is a fundamental requirement. The significant role of eggs in delivering this essential nutrient cannot be overstated.”

WED events in different countries include the following:

  • Bangladesh – the Bangladesh Animal Agriculture Association is planning two days of activities, including distributing 5000 free boiled eggs, each in an individual box, and running a new promotion called Egg Fest 2016 which involves leading food companies, hotels and restaurants showing and selling eggs and poultry produce.
  • Philippines – celebrating with an organised charity Family Fun Run event in aid of the fight against stunting and malnutrition, backed by the Philippines Egg Board.
  • Hungary – the Hungarian Poultry Product Board is holding its 15th national egg symposium today, including a presentation by WEO’s Julian Madeley on “The Global Egg Market: past, present, future – challenges and possibilities”.
  • USA – the American EGG Board has organised media outreach events featuring international egg recipes and has been using social media to create a video series featuring ‘Adventure Egg’ who explores recipes from around the world. The Board has also created a school recipe challenge by asking children to send in their favourite school egg recipes which will then be posted and shared through Twitter.
  • Italy – the Italian Association of Poultry Breeders and Producers is running a campaign with the Italian food company, Eataly, whose chefs will develop a menu exclusively for use today.
  • Canada – Egg Farmers of Canada’s network of partners and champions have been running events since October 3 in the build-up to today when they will release a video highlighting the “far reaching impact of the egg on those who need it most”.
  • UK – already well into the industry’s #PutanEggonit campaign, run as part of British Egg Week, today’s celebrations include WED themed dishes, backed by high profile blogger, Holly Bell.
  • Argentina – Camara Argentina de Productores Avicolas is celebrating by circulating a newsletter to many different TV programs, radio stations, magazines and newspaper, explaining all about WED while also distributing material to educate consumers on how to cook with eggs.
  • Austria – has already held a media day focusing on Austrian egg quality and standards, labelling issues in gastronomy as well as the raising of male chicks in organic egg production. There are also scheduled ad campaigns in Vienna, which include the free distribution of eggs.
  • New Zealand – celebrations include an iconic kiwi dish (bacon and egg pie) with the country’s Eggs Incorporated implementing a campaign to find out how New Zealanders like their kiwi dish served, alongside a programme focused on getting consumers reading and talking about eggs.
  • Vietnam – activities include food tasting and “eggy quizzes” which will be held at the country’s Tay Ho Weekend Market.

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