Post-Brexit report highlights future poultry trade challenges

If UK poultry meat exports are subject to EU import tariffs in the post-Brexit period this could lead to problems balancing the carcase says the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB) in its latest Brexit-based Horizon report.

“This could challenge the profitability of the poultry industry and limit its ability to expand production to take advantage of higher domestic prices,” states the report.

“If the UK decides not to impose tariffs on imports, or negotiates free trade agreements or import quotas with global exporters, there could be a sizeable rise in imports from the global market. Brazil and the US are the dominant poultry meat exporters and may seek to supply more to the UK.

“There could also be a rise in processed imports, from Thailand in particular. Any rise in imports could lead to lower retail prices and mean poultry takes demand from red meat.”

The Horizon report is the third in a Brexit-based series, published by AHDB, whose levy-funded services cover pork, dairy, beef & lamb, horticulture, cereals & oilseeds and potatoes. In this context, the Horizon report authors make the point that their analysis is not intended to be a full assessment of the impact of Brexit on the poultry meat sector. Their assessment mainly focuses, therefore, on how post-Brexit poultry trade changes may affect the different red meat sectors.

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