UK poultry placings fly into the record books

Increased placings of broilers have led the charge for UK poultry placings to once again break records in October. Year to date (Jan-Oct) broiler placings reached 927.2 million, up 4% from the same period in 2017. Turkey and layer placings also demonstrated increases, while breeder placings fell slightly on the year.

According to Defra data, total UK poultry placings in 2018 were the highest on record for the year to date (Jan-Oct), up 4% from 2017, at 981.6 million placings. Placings for October 2018 also set a new record for the month, with total poultry placings reaching 107.1 million, up 2% from the previous record in October 2017.

Poultry feed accounted for approximately 47% of all compound and IPU animal feed produced so far this season (July-Sep 18), and has steadily increased in quantity year on year (AHDB). The continued upward trend of poultry placings could well increase retail feed sector demand for wheat this season.

Usage of maize within the poultry feed sector is unlikely to increase by the same proportion as for other species. One of the factors that broiler feed compounders have to consider is the impact that maize has on the colouration of meat when altering feed blends. This could limit the total amount of maize used by that sector.

Figure 1

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