Sealpac launches reclosable, recyclable packaging for sliced meat

A new reclosable, completely recyclable MAP solution for sliced meat has been developed by packaging manufacturer Sealpac. The product, FlatMap, is paper-based. It is currently being used by Swiss meats manufacturer Bigler for its sliced meat.

FlatMap is a reclosable, largely fibre-based, completely flat, and recyclable packaging system for sliced meat consists of an FSC-certified cardboard carrier that can be printed on both sides. The carrier has been coated with a thin plastic layer, on which the sliced meat can be served. The product is sealed with a highly transparent top film, which can be removed from the cardboard carrier before consumption. Afterwards, the film is easily placed over the product again, where the edges are pressed against the carrier to provide excellent reclosability. The tight-fitting top film allows for less oxygen to enter the inside of the pack compared to common MAP solutions.

After use, it is possible to completely separate the plastic and cardboard components, therefore allowing full recyclability of these materials.

Markus Bigler, chief executive of Bigler said: “The idea of FlatMap came at the exact right time. It became our joint goal to combine characteristics such as product protection, high barrier, recyclability, low packaging weight and reclosability in one of the most sustainable packaging solutions on the market.”


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