PR boost for eggs with rise of the ‘veggan’

The public perception of eggs as a key part of a healthy diet has received a boost thanks to a partnership between British Lion eggs and women’s health platform Healthista.

Healthista is an online magazine run by former Daily Telegraph, Sainsbury’s Magazine and Red health journalist Anna Magee, and is designed to bring facts, news and advice about healthy living to a wider audience. The site currently has over 300,000 users.

Working with British Lion, the platform has this week published two new articles aimed at helping consumers understand the health benefits of eggs.

The first, entitled ‘The rise of the Veggan’, explores how increasing numbers of consumers are adopting a plant-based diet and getting their animal protein predominantly from eggs. The article cites British Egg Industry Council figures showing a rise in egg consumption in Britain from 10.1 billion in 2006 to 13.1bn last year.

Magee, who wrote the article, outlines five key reasons for the rise of the veggan: eggs are an easy nutrient hit; you feel more satisfied after eating them; they easily solve the protein question; they are a quick, healthy fat fix; and it makes cooking easier.

The second article aims to bust common myths around eggs and highlight their health benefits.

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