Poultry Sense and Lallemand Animal Nutrition collaborate to improve efficiency of commercial trials

Agri-tech company Poultry Sense and specific microbial solutions company Lallemand Animal Nutrition have joined forces to improve the reliability and credibility of data gained from commercial farm trials.

The companies said accurate data was becoming increasingly important for farmers and companies alike to drive the consistent performance of farmed livestock.

Barry Thorp, veterinary adviser at Poultry Sense said: “We are really excited to be working with an innovative company like Lallemand that has similar objectives to us – improving the health, welfare and efficiency of commercial livestock.

“This trial will see us install our new real-time data solution on a couple of poultry farms that work with Lallemand, to see what impact introducing new products has on bird health, welfare and productivity.”

Hannah Elliott, monogastric sales and technical support at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, said the company was “eager to embrace this new, innovative technology, which will enable us to look at poultry houses on a zone-by-zone basis as opposed to a whole house basis. This will give us much more accurate insight on how birds are performing and behaving when our products are used.

“With the Poultry Sense team’s expertise, we’re hoping to interpret and analyse this extensive real-time farm data and use it to support the existing European and technical data we have, as well as the good feedback we get from customers.”

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