New sensor gate allows accurate weighing in processing plants

Cabinplant’s latest sensor-gate technology addresses the issues of precise weighing of few-piece portioning in trays, in combination with a screw feeding multi-head weigher. The ideal is to feed one piece of product into each weighing pan to obtain the highest number of combinations for the highest level of weight accuracy. For example, 450 grams of chicken breasts with three pieces in shelf-ready packaging.

The sensor-gate technology constantly measures the opening of the gate to each pan and adapts the speed of the screw so that only one piece of meat is dropped into the weighing pan. This reduces the number of duplets or triplets in the pans, making it difficult to obtain uniform package sizes.

The sensor-gate solution has an intelligent and various speed control that moves from ‘fast forward’ to ‘slow motion’, ensuring that there is always a product in the screw, which reduces the number of empty pans. This increases the capacity of the packing line.

And an increase in the possible combinations means precise portioning and, according to test data, a significant reduction in give-away

Sensor-gate is a patented technology and it is now being installed in packing lines of poultry production sites all over the world.

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