New heat exchanger launched to both heat and cool poultry sheds

ITB Climate is to introduce its AIR2-DSK Heat Exchanger through its dealer network in the UK.

The Air2-DSK has been developed to cool poultry sheds in the summer and heat them in the winter. The heat exchanger saves energy by recovering heat in the winter and reducing the use of ventilation fans in the summer. It also reduces ammonia and fine particulate matter emissions.

Laying hens and broilers generate a great deal of heat, which is often released to the outside air via the ventilation system in current sheds. The heat exchanger recovers the heat generated by the animals and reuses it in poultry sheds in the winter.

By heating the incoming ambient air in the winter, farmers can prevent exposure of the animals to cold, dampness and draughts and also avoid fluctuations in the indoor climate. As a result, the animals spread out better in the poultry shed. 

The redesigned AIR2-DSK also features a sprinkler system for the summer cooling function, which allows farmers to lower the temperature in the poultry shed by 4°C to 10°C.


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