Marel Poultry outlines sustainable water use in the poultry industry

Marel Poultry has outlined its approach to water management in a new poultry processing plant in Qatar, which uses technology to make sure water is recycled.

The Mazzraty poultry facility is located in the desert, where nothing grows, so the company was highly aware of the importance of clean water.

Water treatment starts in the poultry processing plant. All water used for transport, for cleaning and for the various stages of processing, is collected and drained to the waste water treatment facilities. In the first phase, the physical pre-treatment takes out fat and larger coarse parts. After that, the biological process in a big basin decomposes the pollution and converts it to biological sludge and purified water.

Surrounding the plant are four large green circles of grass next to the expanse of sand. The land has been made fertile with the help of Mazzraty’s treated water. Besides being used for truck washing, the purified water is fit for irrigation. The grass is then used in the company’s feed mills.

Mazzraty’s facility has been designed to not waste or leave behind residual material and all activities are aimed at causing the lowest possible impact on the environment. The reuse of cleaned waste water from the factory as irrigation water is part of Mazzraty’s bigger environmental plan, which also involves a reduced CO2 emissions and production of its own chicken feed. 

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