Latest egg trolley carries standard 150-egg tray

EmTech has developed the 150P EuroTech aluminium trolley to carry the standard 150-egg tray used by many hatcheries around the world. It means that customers now have the choice to purchase high-performance PrimoTech Setters without having to change their tray system.

The trolley incorporates on-board turning, ensuring all trolleys turn to 45 degrees, even on uneven floors. It has a light and robust aluminium construction that makes it highly manoeuvrable and does not corrode.

The layout of all the company’s incubators has only one trolley positioned, end-on, each side of the central fan. This provides every single egg with optimum airflow, regardless of where it is positioned within the trolley.

The benefits include more and better-conditioned chicks, reduced stressed, due to the short hatch window; and chicks that are better able to cope with transportation and the rigours of the growing farms.

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