Kelly Turkeys marks 50 year anniversary

Kelly Turkeys has begun to mark its 50th year in the poultry business, although the firm has said it will postpone any celebrations until 2022.

Managing director Paul Kelly, whose parents Derek and Molly Kelly founded the business in 1971, said he was optimistic about the prospects for the traditional Christmas turkey market. Last year Kelly Turkeys saw online sales grow by 18% and small birds sell out by mid-November. 

“I do think the traditional Christmas turkey will be protected from this as locally grown, sustainable, natural food will always be in demand. Meat shipped halfway round the world will be in trouble,” said Kelly.

While getting seasonal labour last year was difficult, Kelly said he was pleased the government had acknowledged poultry processing as a sector in need of seasonal labour.  “This year we are working hard to get it written into the agricultural seasonal workers scheme.”

The 50th anniversary of the business Is something that merits a big celebration, said Kelly. “We have postponed this until 2022 or until we have confidence we can hold the event without any COVID concerns or restrictions – I am determined to have a party!”


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