Compact grader offers batching options

An entry-level grading and batching machine has been launched by Marel. The Compact Grader has been designed to process both fresh and frozen products and poultry portions.

The company said the kit offers processors a simple solution to automate the grading and batching process. With easy set-up and operation, the grader has a small footprint and can be used as a stand-alone solution in factories where available space is limited. It also fits into larger factories as an addition to automatic production lines, when peaks in production or seasonal overflows need to be managed.

The grader can handle many different poultry products – fresh or frozen – including: whole birds, front halves, saddles, butterflies, split breasts, whole legs, thighs, drums, whole wings, breast fillets, leg meat, thigh fillets, and inner fillets.

The grader also includes dynamic weighing with consistent accuracy allowing automatic grading and batching. Its long weighing platform filters out ‘disturbances’ and automatically adjusts its weighing processes.

Poultry products are weighed on the dynamic weighing platform. Depending on the weight calibration program set, product is allocated to one of the gates. The relevant arm then takes the product off the conveyor belt and directs it to the gate, where a container catches it.

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