Change in law to allow animal protein in feed moves one step closer

The reintroduction of Processed Animal Protein (PAP) in pig and poultry feed has moved one step closer in the EU. The European Commission recently backed a change to EU law to re-authorise the use of poultry, pig and insect protein in animal feed.

The proposed amendment would allow Processed Animal Proteins (PAP) from pigs to be fed to poultry and vice versa. It would also pave the way for insect protein to be included in animal feed, as well as re-authorising the use of ruminant collagen and gelatine.

The change was backed by member state representatives on the Commission’s Biological Safety of the Food Chain committee, with 25in favour and two abstentions. 

Trade organisation EFPRA (European Fat Processors and Renderers Association) said its members were positive about the proposal. “With PAPs we can ensure high quality proteins in animal diets. Important for the animals and a contribution to make the European economy more sustainable.” 


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