British Poultry Council launches campaign to put food on every table

BPC’s new campaign – ‘Food on every table’ is calling on the Government to deliver a sustainable food strategy that guarantees safe, nutritious and affordable British food to British standards for everyone.

With the first major review of the nation’s food system in 75 years now underway, the BPC said the British poultry meat sector was well placed to contribute towards a National Food Strategy to ensure that food supply is seen as a national security issue.

Richard Griffiths, Chief Executive, British Poultry Council said: “British Poultry Council’s work on ‘British Food Values’ and ‘Responsible Businesses’ has resulted in growing recognition amongst policymakers about continuity of British food production as a critical factor in ensuring access and affordability of British food for all. Now is the time to build on this work and reinforce our commitment to the government’s National Food Strategy with our new ‘#FoodOnEveryTable campaign which has feeding the nation at its core.”

‘Food on every table’ campaign highlights the country’s responsibility to ensure everyone, including the most vulnerable has access to safe, nutritious and affordable British food. The five key campaign asks are:

• Maintaining a secure supply of food that recognises British standards in post-Brexit trade deals
• Ensuring access to labour post-Brexit
• Putting food on the table to alleviate hunger
• Using British food as a catalyst for improving health, wellbeing and social care
• Securing a sustainable future for British food by achieving the UN’s SDGs

“As a food sector, an industry, we should never be separate from society even if occasionally we lose sight of our social purpose,” said Griffiths. “Food should be affordable, available, and accessible across society and at standards that everyone deserves, whether they have the luxury of choice or not. Food is an integral part of our lives and our communities. Our #foodoneverytable campaign wants to put food back at the heart of our society.

“This is the British poultry meat sector standing up and saying that we’ll be part of the solution, but that we also need your help and support. This is about standing together, making changes even when it’s difficult, and creating a food system that works for everyone.”


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