ADAS seeking poultry farmers for new Defra-funded research project that could lead to subsidies

ADAS is looking for poultry farmers to take part in a Defra-funded research project that could form the basis of a future voluntary government scheme to incentivise good animal welfare on farm.

To help understand the farm costs and welfare benefits, ADAS would like to speak to farmers who already have welfare enhancements in place and are achieving a good standard in animal welfare or are part of a higher welfare or organic farm assurance scheme.

In particular, ADAS would like to hear from farmers who achieve or do any of the below:

In laying hens

§ Good feather cover with fully beaked or beak-trimmed birds;

§ Good range use promoted by enhanced outdoor ranges (e.g. with trees or other features/enhancements to encourage range use)

In broilers

§ Rearing slow-growing strains

§ Rearing to reduced stocking rates

§ Encouraging range use with enhanced outdoor ranges (e.g. with trees or other features/enhancements to promote range use)

What is involved?

Project participants will need to fill out an online survey about their farming system and welfare enhancements. Once the survey is complete, a follow-up call will be arranged with a researcher to discuss the costs and welfare benefits in more detail.

Farmers will be paid £100 for taking part to compensate for their time.

Farmers will need to provide welfare, performance and cost records and be willing to discuss their experience of implementing higher welfare enhancements.

Poultry producers who are interested should contact livestock consultant Hannah Baldwin – email: or call 07785 708545.

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