RSPCA Assured launches new TV ad to boost awareness of cage-free eggs

The 10-second ad features a typical RSPCA Assured certified free-range egg farm in Cumbria. 

Made by 2S Films, it will be shown during the ad-break of the first episode of The Great British Bake-Off on Tuesday 22 September. It will also air during the repeat and ‘Extra Slice’ on the same day. 

An extended 20-second version of the ad will also air on Channel 4, More 4, Eden and Home and All4 video-on-demand service, from 29 September until 5 October. A version of the ad will also be available on YouTube.

RSPCA Assured certified egg producers – which include free-range, organic and barn systems – must meet the RSPCA’s strict higher welfare standards for laying hens, which go above and beyond industry requirements for egg-laying hens in many key welfare areas. 

For example, the birds are given raised perches, higher levels of lighting and objects like straw bales to peck at.


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