Vote for your trade supplier of the year

The National Egg & Poultry Awards’ expert panel of judges has selected a high quality shortlist in the Trade Supplier of the Year category, voted for by you, members of the UK poultry sector. You can cast your vote via the link and the winner will be announced at the NEPA Awards dinner on 26 June.

The nominees are:


Kilco is experienced in all aspects of the poultry industry and its range of disinfectants and detergents ensure that biosecurity standards are maintained to the highest level. Farmers have praised Kilco for its farm support to monitor hygiene procedures and give detailed feedback and recommendations on biosecurity. The firm understands the importance of disease control and has a selection of Defra approved disinfectants for use at different stages of production. It also supplies a range of animal health products to boost vitamins levels in the birds, when needed. Its water treatment plans ensure that all aspects of flock health can be catered for.


After five years of practical experience in using alternatives to antibiotics, St David’s Poultry Team set up a separate company, Applied Bacterial Control (ABC), that focuses on developing tailor- made solutions combined with innovative products with the aim of improving animal health and productivity while reducing the farm’s overall use of antibiotics. ABC is led by poultry director Richard Turner, and Sophie Edenborough, formerly of Liquid Mineral Services (LMS), a company that specialises in the installation and maintenance of water treatment systems for poultry and dairy farms. ABC advocates a holistic approach to welfare, which focuses on the bird’s gut health as a means of improving overall health, which then leads to fewer antibiotics being needed. ABC works with companies such as Biopoint, Olus, Kanters and ChemVet to develop innovative products. Combining acids, probiotics and essential oils in a correct way and evaluating husbandry protocols, based on the challenges of individual farms, yields results.


MSD is a global firm that develops animal health products. This year it launched its red mite treatment Exzolt, which has had convincing feedback from farmers who have used it. Poultry red mites are a top five cause of economic loss in layer operations in Europe and in many other countries across the world. In fact, the total cost of red mite infestations in Europe alone is estimated at £360 million annually. Exzolt is administered through drinking water and was eight years in the development. It uses an active ingredient called flurolana, and there is a zero day egg withdrawal. The treatment also has benefits for farm staff, who can suffer from mite bites after working with infested poultry.


Crowshall Veterinary Services provides veterinary consultancy and diagnostic services to many areas of the poultry industry. Besides their role in providing veterinary advice to their poultry clients, Crowshall vets have been willing to provide personnel to input into poultry policy matters. For example, Stephen Lister was chairman of the Beak Trimming Action Group, and currently sits on the Laying Hen Welfare Forum. Phil Hammond is currently president of the British Veterinary Poultry Association. These roles require considerable resource and time and the organisations involved are grateful for their input.

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