UK clear, but ‘massive spread’ of avian flu in the rest of world

Highly pathogenic avian influenza is continuing to rapidly spread throughout the world, although the UK remains clear. 

The spread of of HPAI was discussed this week at the 86th World Animal Health (OIE) General Session, held in Paris. The organisation met to review the global animal health situation, as well as to analyse trends in the evolution of priority terrestrial and aquatic animal diseases.

Particular attention was paid to specific diseases subject to global control or eradication efforts, or diseases of major interest, including the global epizootic of HPAI in birds. The data collected for HPAI for 2017/2018 showed a further spread of the disease, with the highest number, nearly 40% of countries, reporting the disease present, since the 2006 crisis.

These data show that since the beginning of 2017, the world is experiencing a massive spread of avian influenza in animals, with continuously changing virus behaviour. In this context, it is important to collect as much accurate, real-time information as possible. Member Countries should also maintain their efforts in disease prevention and monitoring, as the most effective way to prevent potential future panzootic events, the OIE said.



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