Sharing supply chain expertise with current and future stars of the industry

2 Sisters Food Group is boosting the knowledge of a crop of future farming stars and current Tesco store managers in two exciting educational initiatives.

Both the Future Farmer Foundation and Feet on Farm programmes are aimed at increasing awareness of the food supply chain and aligns with 2 Sister’s commitment to honesty and transparency throughout its business, from farm to supermarket shelf.

The Future Farmer Foundation programme supports budding farmers aged 20-35 to build their business skills and knowledge to kick start their career.

Twelve of these future farmers visited the food group’s Coupar Angus Scottish operation. The group were given a presentation from site general manager Russell Allan plus a tour of the entire process from intake to despatch.

Andrew Gibson, agricultural manager said: “This is the third year we’ve supported the Future Farmer Foundation. It is an excellent initiative and has been shaped by asking young farmers what they need to build their careers.

“Clearly understanding the supply chain is a crucial part of their overall knowledge, so it is excellent to showcase the poultry supply and share what happens after their animals leave the farm gate.

“We are committed as a business to improving awareness, understanding and standards in the industry. We are delighted to support the programme”.

As well as continuing to support Future Farmer Foundation, 2 Sisters will become the first supplier to host Feet on Farm, a brand new Tesco initiative.

Feet on Farm will see Tesco store managers invited to farms across the UK to develop their understanding of where their quality chicken products come from.

Andrew Gibson said: “We will be delighted to show store managers around our growing base. The more people who understand the process can only be a good thing, as it will help more shoppers to appreciate where their chicken comes from and how it’s grown.

“It’s always great to engage with customers, but this time we are delighted people from the front line of stores will be coming to visit. It is these people that have direct interaction with the public.”

The visits will include a presentation, tour of the farm and an opportunity to see different types of birds including free range and organic. The first visit is due to take place in June at a Lincolnshire farm.

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