Robot ‘entertains’ while it works

Start-up company Tibot Technology has launched its second robot for use in broiler housing.

The robot, named Curiosity, is designed to automate litter maintenance and is even equipped with ‘claws’, which allow it to scratch at the ground. This, according to the manufacturer, helps the litter to remain dry and friable, limiting the growth of bacteria and creating a healthier environment for poultry.

The robot can also be programmed to following working schedules. Equipped with a geolocation system, it works in the building according to a pre-defined route and returns to its recharging station at the end of each ‘litter management’ session.

Like the first robot to be launched by the company, Spoutnic, this latest robot is equipped with visual and sound stimuli, which means that it creates a point of interest for the birds as it works in the house. It can operate for 10 hours per day, and seven days a week. It’s also compact and transportable, as well as being water, dust, and ammonia resistant.

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