NFU shares post-Brexit vision for agricultural policy in Westminster

The NFU has updated parliamentarians in Westminster on its work in developing an agricultural policy that will allow farming businesses to be productive, profitable and progressive post-Brexit. 

The NFU’s acting Head of Policy Services Dr Helen Ferrier spoke at the Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum Keynote Seminar entitled Food security UK priorities, supporting domestic production and driving innovation.

Dr Ferrier set out the NFU’s current work developing policy for farming in the post-Brexit era and discuss the benefits to the nation that will come from enabling farming businesses to thrive post-Brexit.

Ahead the event, Dr Ferrier said: “These are turbulent times for British farmers and the agricultural industry and there is a great deal of uncertainty, which is challenging for businesses.

Farming clearly delivers for the economy, society and the environment. And a resilient, productive industry is the only way to deliver these benefits for the long term.

“Alongside its analysis of future trade, labour, and regulatory arrangements, the NFU is doing detailed work on domestic agriculture policy.

“The NFU’s post-Brexit vision is of an agricultural policy with three interconnecting elements. It should the enhance productivity and competitiveness of farm businesses, recognise and reward environmental goods farmers deliver, and mitigate volatility where it impacts businesses’ commercial viability.

“It is also vital that the government sets out transitional arrangements at an early stage to ensure continuity and certainty for farm businesses on exit from the EU.”

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