New global animal feed ingredients matrix launched

The latest data behind 260 raw animal feed ingredients and in excess of 40,000 nutrients, including new amino acids (AAs) and insect proteins, has been published within the new global ingredients matrix, Premier Atlas.

“There are some exciting developments on the horizon for the animal feed industry, which is reflected in the 59 new ingredients included in this edition of the matrix,” said Mick Hazzledine, a director at Premier Nutrition, which has produced the matrix.

“We’re now seeing greater availability of crystalline amino acids, which allow us to more accurately match nutritional requirements to the animal, with less waste.

“There’s also a lot of interest in alternative proteins, such as insects, which could provide a useful nutrient contribution in the short to medium term.”

Premier Atlas provides a comprehensive description of listed ingredients, as well as their production, antinutritive factors and processing details. In particular, it also details the levels of 17 digestible AAs, for both pigs and poultry, in over 200 feed ingredients.

“Importantly, while we currently use lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan and more recently, valine in monogastric diets, the potential for isoleucine, arginine and other amino acids is looking very promising,” he says. “Therefore, as future market requirements become clearer, the industry now has the information required to meet them.”

As supply increases and prices fall this information will support the industry to meet growing requirements for more sustainable diets which are lower in protein and soya, he said.

“Armed with this information, we can help our global customers and their farmers stay well informed ahead of emerging trends.

“The data also enables rations to be reformulated when commodity prices fluctuate, to maintain a consistent nutrient supply and animal performance at the lowest cost,” he said.

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