New alfafa pecking block launched

A new pecking block has been launched by Silvermoor, made of alfalfa and enriched with Herban Oreganum essential oil. The Silvermoor Peckers provide a good source of dietary fibre to promote gut health and are designed to enrich the birds’ environment.

By encouraging natural pecking activity they can be used to relieve stress and decrease the risk of injurious pecking in flocks. They are designed to be hung at head height.

Several studies have linked lower levels of injurious pecking with increased supply of fibre. Alfalfa is also a natural source of xanthophylls, said Silvermoor, the pigments that give the golden colour to egg yokes and chicken skin.

Dried alfalfa is mixed with a natural plant binder then compressed to take the unique cylindrical shape of Silvermoor Peckers. Trials have shown one Pecker lasts 3-4 weeks per 1,000 birds.

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