New advice on heat stress for poultry

With temperatures expected to remain high over the next week, consistently above 20°C, producers have been  urged to remain vigilant, act to prevent heat stress through ventilation and access to water, and offer electrolytes to flocks to maintain hydration status.

Avivets, the poultry veterinary practice, said the main signs of heat stress include:

  • Mild: birds reluctant to move, increased water consumption, wings held away from the sides of the body open mouth breathing or panting 
  • Moderate: reduced feed intake, lack of activity, very heavy panting and twitching of the muscles, usually the breast muscles
  • Severe: lethargy, and possible death

Impacts on egg quality from respiratory alkalosis can be seen even from mild heat stress. Decreased performance from reduced feed and water intake, or even mortality, can be seen in broilers and turkeys with mild heat stress. 

To control and combat heat stress, Avivets in conjunction with our Avicare Pharmacy, are now able to provide AviLYT. This hydrating booster is a specifically formulated electrolyte to maintain and restore natural body salts in times of potential heat stress. B vitamins are included to ensure optimum metabolism and feed conversion during times of heat or environmental stress.

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