KFC will return to Bidvest Logistics for nothern branches after disastrous month

KFC has announced it will revert to its original logistics provider Bidvest for 350 branches in the north, after a  month of disruption that led to the majority of its restaurants being closed.

The disastrous handover of the logistics contract from Bidvest to DHL led to chicken shortages around the country as the firms struggled to manage the complexity of the new contract, KFC said.

Although there are still ongoing issues that need to be hammered out, 97% of restaurants are now up and running. However, in many places branches are still operating a limited menu.

The GMB union slammed KFC for trying to save money by switching suppliers, claimed it warned them DHL wouldn’t be able to cope.

Now Bidvest Logistics said it had signed a long-term agreement with KFC UK & Ireland to provide renewed supply to up to 350 of their restaurants in the North of the UK, from 26 March 2018.

Paul Whyte at Bidvest Logistics commented: “We are delighted to welcome KFC back to Bidvest Logistics. As the UK’s leading foodservice logistics specialist we understand the complexities of delivering fresh chicken. KFC is a valued customer and we will provide them with a seamless return to our network.”

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