KFC publishes welfare progress report as part of its move to Better Chicken Commitment

KFC UK & Ireland has published its first annual welfare progress report. The report is a review of KFC’s poultry supply chain, and the areas in which it has taken steps to improve poultry welfare.

Authored by independent auditors FAI Farms, the report outlines the seven steps of the audit process and key data capture, which KFC UK & Ireland will use as a benchmark to track year on year progress and hold themselves and their suppliers accountable as they work towards improving welfare.

Speaking on the launch of the report, Paula MacKenzie, General Manager of KFC UK & Ireland, said: “Signing up to the Better Chicken Commitment last year was a huge step for us – and now this first edition of our annual progress report allows us to document our ongoing journey towards ever-improving chicken welfare. This report sends a clear message to everyone – our suppliers, our teams and our stakeholders – on exactly what we are looking for in terms of welfare improvement. We know that what gets measured gets managed, and the figures in this report represent a solid benchmark against which we can track our future progress.”

KFC said meeting the criteria in the BCC is no easy feat, but KFC has outlined the changes that need to be made to improve the brands supply chain, culminating in the publishing of the first report.

The full report can be read here https://kfc-uk-brand.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/drupal/production/2020-07/KFC_Annual_Report_Chicken_Welfare_2020.pdf




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