Drinker-cup cleaning product removes limescal

York-based Biolink has launched a drinker-cup cleaning product that’s designed to tackle and prevent limescale build-up on drinker cups and inside drinker pipes.

Limescale build up is a problem that the poultry industry has tried to solve in the past with limited success. It creates an ideal environment for biofilm to attach itself and grow, which both bacteria and viruses to feed upon and readily multiply. The result can be both disease and growth problems in poultry flocks, which then has a knock-on effect on business profitability.

Today, now nipple drinkers are more common, the process of cleaning is more difficult, according to the company. “This is mainly due to the number of cups and the difficulty to remove the pipe,” said Biolink’s Derek Gray. “And it is a problem that is lived with due to the pressures on farm turnaround.”

Leaking nipples or incorrect water pressure means the cups collect water and often the poultry drink from the cup and not the nipple. “This increases the risk of cross contamination, which leads to possible disease challenges.”

CupShine De-scaler is a solution to this problem because it offers rapid limescale removal and has a strong descaling action. “It is specially formulated for use on drinker systems and has high foaming properties to maximize contact time,” said Gray.

When applied to the cup, the product ‘foams’ and clings to it. And the result is a limescale-free and clean cup.

“We recommend using a knapsack sprayer to achieve optimal coverage. A pressure washer can be used, but it is worth noting that, to get the same effect as a knapsack application, several applications are needed.”

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