Continue social distancing on farms, farmers and visitors reminded

The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) has reminded members and anyone visiting or working on farms of the importance of physically distancing from others when they are on farms.

“COVID-19 restrictions may have been softened slightly over the past number of weeks, but it is crucial that we continue to maintain the social distancing advice and stay two metres apart,” said UFU deputy president Victor Chestnutt. “This is vital on farms now more than ever as a number of essential inspections are recommencing, maintenance work takes place and contractors are at work across Northern Ireland with silage season well underway.

“We have come so far since the beginning of this pandemic, but we are not out of the woods just yet. We cannot afford to become relaxed and dismiss the social distancing advice which would undo all the fantastic work of our NHS health workers, essential key workers and those who stayed at home to help reduce the spread of the virus. We are making progress steadily and continuing to physically distance from others will ensure we keep moving in the right direction in the battle against COVID-19. Staying apart by at least two metres is a measure that remains very much in place to keep all parties safe and we must uphold it. I urge all our members and everyone in the farming community to persist in being extra careful when carrying out day-to-day farming tasks and always bear in mind that everyone you work with on farms have loved ones they need to protect.”

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