Bandsaw safety system uses cameras and lasers

A safety bandsaw system, which uses a combination of high definition cameras, lasers and a unique braking mechanism to stop the blade within a fraction of a second when a risk of injury is detected, is now available in the UK and Ireland. Lancashire-based Cutting Edge and New Zealand-based manufacturers Kando Innovation have worked together to bring the Guardian Bandsaw to market.

It is the bandsaw’s advanced braking system that sets it apart from its competitors, according to Cutting Edge’s managing director Sam Tinsley. “Not only in terms of the speed of the stoppage, but also by simultaneously de-tensioning the blade to prevent damage to the mechanism or the blade itself,” she said.

The safety system also provides detailed reporting, powerful data analytics and video recordings including an instant alert system when a ‘trigger’ event occurs. This information can be combined in customised and secure dashboards, allowing technical managers and supervisors to train operators, reduce risks, and improve performance.

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