Abandoned ducks seek new home

The RSPCA is looking after three runner ducks who were abandoned in a cardboard box in Kent.

A member of the public found the cardboard box dumped in Sycamore Road, Strood, on 4 June, and discovered the juvenile runner ducks inside.

Janine Pemberthy, from the RSPCA’s Leybourne Animal Centre, in West Malling, said: “These poor birds had been left in a cardboard box with no air holes and had simply been dumped by the side of the road, next to a bottle bank.

“They must have been very disorientated and frightened. Thank goodness they were spotted by someone who knew what to do and brought them to us.

“If they hadn’t have been found then they could well have perished inside the box without anyone knowing. Or they could have been accidentally collected and crushed in a refuse lorry, it doesn’t bear thinking about.”


The birds – now named Daffy, Donald and Jemima – are now being cared for by staff at the animal centre and are living in an enclosure with two other rescue ducks. Once staff have fully assessed them, they will be available for rehoming.

“We’d like to find them a lovely home where they can enjoy being ducks,” Janine added.

“They’ll need an enclosure and duck house where they’ll be safe from any potential predators and will also need access to water.

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