£84 million contract for Food Standards’ Agency official controls awarded to Eville and Jones

The contract for Official Controls delivery in approved meat and dairy establishments in England and Wales will be delivered by Eville and Jones, on behalf of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) from 30 March 2020.

The three-year contract award has been agreed to ensure food is safe and animal welfare is protected in FSA-approved establishments. 

The delivery of these controls support current EU and domestic standards, and is valued at approximately £84m over the three-year term. 

Eville and Jones was the successful bidder, after undergoing a competitive tender exercise set against various technical and commercial criteria. The company has been awarded six separate contracts across all areas of England and Wales, to provide official veterinarians and meat hygiene inspectors to work alongside FSA staff. 

Eville and Jones is the incumbent supplier so change is expected to be minimal. 

Colin Sullivan, FSA Chief Operating Officer, said: “The delivery of these Official Controls are vital in maintaining the public’s confidence in meat and dairy food products and are also an essential requirement for the UK food industry where these sectors are worth over £8.5bn per year.

“We are confident that our choice of supplier will work in an excellent partnership with us and continue to deliver high standards and value for money.”

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