Campaign launched for better use of vaccines on farms

This winter the animal health organisation NOAH said it was supporting the #VaccinesWork campaign, initiated in the veterinary sector by RUMA in 2018.

Starting in the New Year, the benefits of vaccination will be communicated, initially focussing on farm use.

  • To raise awareness of how and why vaccines work and the range of diseases they protect against
  • To review and improve how vaccines are stored and administered
  • To encourage better uptake of existing vaccines

Further information and tips on storing and using vaccines correctly will be shared, to help ensure that vaccines used will be effective.

Research has shown that:

  • Only 53% farmers know the correct temperature for vaccine storage
  • 73% do not have a separate thermometer or data logger
  • Less than 10% check fridge temperatures daily

Dawn Howard, NOAH’s chief executive said: “ We are asking the vet profession to support the #VaccinesWork campaign by spreading the messages with their clients and engaging on social media.”

“We will be providing information for  farmers e.g. if vaccines are not stored correctly, it will impact on their potency, meaning they could be less effective – not only will there be the potential for the vaccine to fail to protect  animals against disease but also farmers may have wasted their efforts – and may be deterred from vaccinating again.”

“Vaccinations play a key role in preserving animal welfare, productivity, sustainability and resilience of farms, and support delivery of NOAH’s Vision of Animal Health and Welfare in the UK”, said Howard.

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