BFREPA sends AI contingency planning workbook to all members

The British Free Range Egg Producers Association (BFREPA) has sent it members an avian influenza (AI) contingency planning workbook to help them prepare for the “enormous burden” of secondary cleansing and disinfection, which is a legal requirement for producers in the event of an outbreak.

“One of the things that’s been evident from previous AI outbreaks has been the horrific and frightening cost of secondary cleansing and disinfection,” said Association Chief Executive, Robert Gooch.

“For a producer to have an outbreak is bad enough, but they then have to deal with all the agencies and contractors that have to check that the whole site is cleaned from top to bottom.

“The requirements are extremely onerous, so we are trying to help producers be more aware of what is required because some costs can be reduced by forward planning.”

The workbook has been written by Livetec Systems, one of a handful of specialist contractors that a government agency would require to attend to clean up after an outbreak.

Producers are being encouraged to fill out the workbook so it suits the individual circumstances of their unit. It advises them on issues like handling washdown water, storage of manure and who to contact if they, or a neighbouring farm, experiences an outbreak.

The workbook is also being offered to producers attending a series of AI roadshows which get underway this month, organised by the Poultry Health and Welfare Group (PHWG).

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