Tesco publicity headlines Narragansett turkey for Christmas

Tesco has issued a general news release today declaring it will be selling a “rare breed of premium heritage turkey” this Christmas which, it says, has not been sold in supermarkets for more than 70 years.

“The Narragansett turkey, which was bred by crossing old English breeds together over 200 years ago, is a real gourmet treat,” said the supermarket chain, adding that it had been selected because of its “unique, succulent and flavoursome taste”.

The news release also stated that Narragansetts are particularly distinctive because of the way they are reared.

“Living on acres of land, they are among the most free range birds in the UK,” said Tesco. “They can eat, rest and play whenever they like. They spend their days exploring their surroundings in woodland and rural areas, pecking at soil and eating the same natural diet they would have in the wild.

“Game cover – such as strips of plants like kale and chicory – is also planted on the land so the birds are sheltered from the late summer sun, winter wind and rain.”

The chain’s publicity also carried a quote from Tesco turkey buyer, Suzanne Eldridge, who said: “With only a few days to go before the big day, the Narragansett is the bird to impress guests and to treat the family this Christmas.

“Considered to be the king of British turkeys, the wonderful tasting dark meat and a succulent breast certainly has the flavour to match its reputation.”

The release also revealed that the Narragansett is being bred for Tesco by “award-winning farmers in East Anglia”. It is available in online and in Tesco stores across the UK from £9 per kg for a whole bird or £16 per kg for a crown.

There’s also a warning that “supply is limited”.

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