MSD launches new real-time monitoring technology for poultry sector

MSD Animal Health has launched new real-time monitoring technology for poultry producers. Poultry Sense gathers and analyses data from poultry sheds, allowing producers to predict flock health, enhance performance and ultimately improve sustainability at a farm level. 

 The Poultry Sense solution consists of numerous battery-powered wireless sensors which capture real-time data across both environmental and performance parameters throughout poultry houses. This includes bird weight, air pressure, humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide.

 This data is then fed directly into an analytics platform that is driven by artificial intelligence, providing easy to interpret data. Producers and advisers can then use this insight to help accurately predict flock health, enhance performance and improve farm sustainability. 

“Having access to this level of data and using this to make informed decisions on-farm will allow producers to improve bird performance as well as help the sector as a whole to become more transparent,” said  Alan Beynon, managing director of Poultry Sense.

“This solution collects data 24 hours a day. This means that any shift in environmental or performance parameters, which could indicate a problem, can be identified quickly.

“Having the capability to react swiftly to any changes, will minimise the impact this has on bird health and performance, and therefore the likelihood of it affecting the ‘end product’.”


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