Choosing the right feeding pan

A low rim height ensures chicks can reach the feed more easily

The feed pan is a simple but essential component in bird farming and while it might be assumed that they are all broadly the same, it is the small differences that set some apart from others. Its job is simple – to transport the feed to the birds and enable them to eat, but there are subtleties in the design that makes some pans perform better that others.

Ensuring chicks get the best possible start is essential to ensure the performance of the flock. To provide a good start, the chicks need easy access to the feed and a low rim height helps with this. Across the range of manufacturers, pan rim heights vary but at 42mm, the rim height on the Multibeck pan is one of the lowest.

The lower pan edge ensures chicks can more easily reach the feed in the first few days. The result is better access to the feed and therefore a better start. In addition, the Multibeck’s lower pan edge means the pan is lifted off the litter faster as the birds grow.


Pan edge height has traditionally contributed to how easily feed is wasted. Flood the pans high to help day-old chicks and a proportion of feed ends up on the litter. The Multibeck achieves this by having the narrow feed channel which makes the birds feed sideways rather than front on. This means that the birds find it harder to flick the feed out of the pan. The result is that the Multibeck combines a low pan edge for easy access with low waste.

Multibeck turkeys


Sean Harrison, poultry manager at H Timmis Farms, said the Multibeck pans were “extremely sturdy” and well designed. “The design allows you to keep the pans slightly higher which give a more floor space, giving the birds more room to move around without hitting the pans. “With them set slightly higher from the floor it allows the birds to feed from the side as opposed to head on preventing them from scratching the feed out which helps towards a better FCR.”


The concept of keeping the birds out of the pan is now catching on but it was the Multibeck that pioneered this concept 20 years ago. The unique design of the Multibeck keeps the birds out and the feed clean. By impeding the birds’ ability to climb into and sit in the pan, the feed stays clean and uncontaminated. This improves overall flock health and can reduce antibiotic use. The Multibeck was the original pan designed to keep the birds out and this has been the message for over 25 years.


Designed around a central supporting column, the feed floods down to fill the lower part of the pan where the birds feed from. The central supporting column provides all the stability and stiffness required, which removes the need for fins around the pan. This means that there are no obstacles preventing the birds getting access to the feed.


To save time when cleaning, the entire run of pans can be turned through 90 degrees and held there for pressure washing. This saves considerable time, allows for a fast drip dry and ensures an effective clean with no residue. SPECIAL FEATURES Ultra low 42mm pan edge No fins gives full 360° access Rotating cleaning system saves time and money Reduces waste

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