Cobb publishes new hatchery management guide

Cobb has published a new hatchery management guide. The guide includes the company’s latest recommendations based on breed performance, current scientific knowledge, and practical field experience from around the world.

The guide covers such topics as hatchery humidity, machinery, and cooling systems and has extensive new information as well as important updates.

New information includes:

* How to heat treat eggs for long-term storage.

* Measuring eggshell temperatures for optimal embryo development, including photos and diagrams to support the collection and analysis of the data.

* Assessing and adjusting the hatch window.

* Calculating and using chick yield data.

* Cleaning and disinfecting the hatchery as well as sanitation checks and audits to promote chick health and prevent disease.

* Embryo diagnosis procedures and using the data to troubleshoot on-farm fertility, egg handling, and transport as well as on-site hatchery egg storage, incubation, and hatcher conditions.

The guide can be found via the Cobb website

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