Aviagen’s Ross 400 club introduces new award for growers

Aviagen has announced a new Ross 400 Club Gold Award, recognising growers who either achieve three consecutive flocks with a European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) score of 400 or more, or attain an EPEF score of 10% more than the current target, i.e. 440 or more at the present.

EPEF is a performance benchmark that takes into account feed conversion, mortality and daily weight gain.

Aviagen UK Limited formed the Ross UK 400 Club in 2009 to celebrate the achievements of Ross growers throughout the UK who achieve a EPEF of 400 or more. From just three members in 2009, membership has now grown to well over 300, representing the top 1 percent of the UK broiler industry.

“Each year, more and more new members join, having achieved 400-plus EPEFs, and scores are constantly growing, with some outstandingly high achievements. That’s why we thought it was time we created awards for growers who demonstrate consistent performance and the extra-special effort required to achieve exceptional EPEF scores,” said Aviagen Head of Sales & Technical, Stuart Thomson.

“For Gold Award achievers in any given calendar year, they’ll be invited to a special event at Aviagen’s UK headquarters in Scotland, where they will be able to meet the Aviagen team, learn about new industry developments and the latest broiler information – plus they’ll be able to network with fellow Gold Award winners and exchange useful tips,” says Stuart Thomson.

The new 400 Club Gold Awards start from 1 October 2018, and all flocks depleted from this date will qualify.

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