Aviagen ships breeding chicks to Bangladesh despite COVID-19 flight restrictions

Aviagen has managed to ship a large consignment of breeding chicks to Bangladesh despite extraordinary logistical difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Along with its sister company Hubbard, Aviagen worked with its customers in Bangladesh to deliver chicks that will be bred to produce over 110 million kg of meat.

Because flight route reductions imposed by the current COVID-19 pandemic prevented the companies from using usual export routes, the logistics teams needed to find a creative solution to assure food security for the people of Bangladesh.

The group contacted Qatar Airways Cargo and utilized their flight traveling from Doha, Qatar to Hong Kong to make a stop in Bangladesh and deliver the 168,760 day-old breeding stock chicks–the largest single shipment of day-old breeding stock chicks ever.

The strategy was for the chicks bound for the poultry producers in Bangladesh to share one flight to Bangladesh. The birds were shipped from three locations, Chicago in the United States, and Paris and Amsterdam in Europe, all converging in Doha, Qatar. From there they boarded the diverted flight of a Qatar Airways Boeing 777 freighterto travel to Bangladesh, where they were dispatched to the individual farms of Aviagen customers.

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