Mandatory culls for salmonella positive laying flocks

The British Lion code has updated its rules to require flocks that test positive for salmonella to be culled.

While previously the code did not require a cull, in practice this often happened anyway as a precautionary measure.

A BEIC spokesperson recommended producers take out appropriate insurance.

 “The British Lion code is the most comprehensive egg safety programme anywhere in the world and the BEIC continues to work with scientists and veterinarians to ensure that it provides the most effective protection against salmonella. Since March 2020, any flock which tests positive for a regulated Salmonella serovar must be removed from the site and a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the house completed. As this is likely have financial implications for an affected producer, operators are strongly advised to have in place appropriate insurance.”

The UK has the lowest prevalence of salmonella enteritidis in Europe, despite being the fourth largest egg producer, with 11.2% of the laying hens in the continent.



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